What the Simplex Group aim to be

for Client To be the one and only strategic partner

for Employee To be the dominant “Biz & Tech” innovator

for Society To be the game changer in the age of DX

Sustainability Policy

Our Efforts to Realize a More Sustainable Society

As we lead businesses through technology, we believe it is our responsibility to think ahead to the future of society as a whole which lays the foundation for sustainable and continued growth.

Based on this idea and our Management Philosophy “Innovation from Japan to the world,” we have established a “5DNA” code of conduct as well as Simplex Philosophy to define our core values. Specifically, we will continue to create innovations and enhance our competitiveness to fulfill our responsibilities, thereby proactively benefiting society.

To this end, we are committed to providing a meaningful and rewarding work place by focusing on human resources as they are our source of abundant creativity.

Through its business activities, the Simplex Group faces the issues that must be dealt with to realize a sustainable society and aims to achieve the kind of sustainable development that grows together with society as a whole and the underlying global environment.


Sustainability Related materiality issues

The Simplex Group has identified six materiality issues based on its Management Philosophy; Code of Conduct; Values; and Long-term Vision, a part of its growth strategies. In view of these materiality issues, the Group develops, implements, and promote strategies. Likewise, it also reviews and revises the materiality issues, as needed, in line with changes in the business environment and society.

Innovation and Competitiveness Under our Management Philosophy “Innovation from Japan to the World,” we regard innovation and the retention of competitiveness as an integral element of our materiality issues. We believe it is important that we acquire and develop hybrid talents who are familiar with both business and technology, proactively adopt new technologies, invest in R&D, manage intellectual properties, and constantly evaluate how these elements affect our business.
Management of relationships with clients For us, a company pursuing “Client First” as one of its 5 DNAs, which constitute our code of conduct, the maintenance and management of good relationships with clients is also an important materiality issue. We believe that we need to manage our supply chain in a manner to raise the customer satisfaction of our products, retain good relationships with customers including the affiliates of our clients, and maintain communication with these customers, as well as ensure our respect for basic human rights.
Human capital management To continue our business, it is highly important that we acquire, develop, and retain superior hybrid talents who are familiar with both business and technology. We believe that the management of human capital from diverse perspectives, including the health and safety of our employees, diversity and inclusion, and training programs, is also one of our important materiality issues.
Quality and safety of products The system development business within our business domains is required of mission-critical operations, besides ensuring data security and the protection of privacy, including the protection of customers’ data. We therefore have placed the highest priority on offering products with quality and safety, along with a high level of reliability and availability.
Responses to global environment issues For us, a company focused on being “Global” as one of its 5 DNAs, we believe that it is our responsibility to address pressing issues, which the world is working closely together to tackle, such as global warming and diversity, from the perspectives of both business and technology.
Realization of sophisticated governance The Simplex Group, delivering sophisticated IT solutions and services that contribute to customers businesses, is keenly aware of the importance of governance. In fact, the Group has built a governing structure that enhances the oversight of the management team by transitioning to a company with the Audit and Supervisory Committee, for instance. We aim to achieve sustainable and sound growth by putting a highly effective governance system into practice in line with our Management Philosophy.

We have identified our materiality issues from both the internal and external points of view by reference to Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation 2.0 formulated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and other guidelines/international standards such as SASB Standards.

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

Structure for Promoting Sustainability

The Simplex Group has established the Sustainability Council to move forward with sustainability initiatives under the authority of the council. The Sustainability Council consists of the Representative Director, President and CEO (the “CEO”) and Executive Directors of the Company and its subsidiaries and is chaired by the CEO.

In addition, to discuss specific issues related to employees’ health and safety and execute business, the Company has built an organizational structure with the Health and Productivity Committee and the Office Environment Committee set up under the Sustainability Council, the Safety Committee under the Office Environment Committee and the mandatory Health Committee under the Health and Productivity Management Committee. The Health and Productivity Management Committee seeks the involvement of occupational health physicians and employee representatives to plan, formulate, and implement measures that contribute to the maintenance and improvement of workers’ and their families’ physical and mental health, and as a result, to the improvement of productivity.

Further, to manage risks associated with cyber security and data security, the Company has appointed Chief Information Security Officer (the “CISO”), and has set up the Information Risk Management Committee as an advisory body to the CISO, which consists of representative members from each business division, including the division heads, to build a structure whereby it collects information across the Company to resolve issues.

Governance Risk Management Structure

The Simplex Group carries out company-wide risk management at its Executive Committee meetings, which are chaired by the CEO. However, authority is delegated to the Sustainable Council for matters related to sustainability.
Matters discussed at the Sustainability Council meetings are reported to and discussed at the Executive Committee as part of company-wide risk management. They are also reported to the Board of Directors on a semi-annual basis, enabling executive oversight.
Based on these reports, the Board of Directors incorporates the results of discussions into group-wide strategies, etc.

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