Policies for Personal Information Protection

1. Intent

Simplex Holdings, Inc. (hereafter referred to as the Company) has enacted and abides by the following Personal Information Protection Policies in order to ensure the protection of personal information.

2. The Purpose of Use

Apart from cases stipulated under law, the Company will not handle personal information beyond the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes of use without the authorization of the individual. Furthermore, when gathering personal information that is directly recorded on a document, the purpose of such information shall be disclosed each time.

Categories of Personal Information Purpose of Use
(1) Concerning the Company's shareholders (1) To exercise rights and fulfill duties in accordance with legislation; (2) to provide expediency in relation to the status of shareholders; (3) to enact various measures that facilitate the relationship between shareholders and the Company; and (4) to manage shareholder information in accordance with legislation.
(2) Concerning advertising activities To distribute information concerning the operational condition, financial situation, and operational results as well as to send information concerning the Company's products and services.
(3) Information gathered when the Company is consigned to undertake operations To execute such operations.
(4) Information obtained when entering into a sales contract for the Company's products or a contract to provide the Company's services To exercise the contractual rights and obligations as well as provide information about the Company's products and services.
(5) Information obtained when entering into a contract to purchase another company's products or a contract to use another company's service To exercise the contractual rights and obligations.
(6) Concerning people who apply for positions within the Company and people who request information about employment at our Company Used for employment procedures, analysis of employment activities, and management of employment offers.
(7) Concerning the Company's officers and employees (including retirees, etc.) Used for employment management (including management of retirees) as well as execution of the duties of the Company's officers and employees.
(8) Concerning the management of work done by operators based on consignment contracts Used for the management of consigned work.

3. Supervision of Officers and Employees

When the Company has officers and employees handle personal information, necessary and appropriate supervision shall be undertaken in order to ensure security and protection of such personal information.

4. Supervision of Subcontractors

The Company may partially or completely entrust the handling of personal information to subcontractors and when entrusting such information, necessary and appropriate supervision of the subcontractor shall be undertaken to ensure the security and protection of personal information.

Enacted January 1, 2014

  • Hideki Kaneko.
  • President and Representative Director Simplex Holdings, Inc.

Requests, Questions, Opinions, and Complaints Concerning the Handling of Personal Information

When an individual makes a request in regard to the notice, disclosure, revision, and suspension of such use concerning personal information, the responsible department will provide an appropriate response within a reasonable time frame (apart from cases that are stipulated by law) following confirmation that the request has been made by the individual concerned. Requests and other inquiries should be directed to the following.

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  • Simplex Holdings, Inc. Attention: Privacy Inquiries
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