Management Philosophy

Innovation from Japan to the World.

Since the inception of Simplex in 1997, our management philosophy has been to bring technology and business innovations from Japan to the world. We create value for our clients and lead their businesses to success.

We believe that in order to keep producing value propositions, we need both our unique business model and employees with a deep understanding of our corporate spirit and philosophy.

Our competitive advantage stems from our pride as professionals. 

We continue to pursue innovations, as one unified team of multi-talented professionals, sharing our corporate DNA and philosophy as follows.


Hello world,
Hello innovation.


Leaders in innovation are always the top firms in their domains. 
We always strive to be the number one.
Client first
Our priority is our clients’ business success.
Our goal is always to satisfy our clients by going above and beyond their expectations with our value-added solutions.
We adhere to the spirit of overcoming obstacles and completing our missions.
We aim for specific targets for our clients and never lose sight of our goals. 
We seek the best results.
We pinpoint the challenges at hand and look at them with critical eyes without being locked into entrenched beliefs.
We challenge ourselves to accomplish our corporate philosophy.
We strive to send innovations out to the world. We welcome progress.


The principle that we’ve been maintaining since our inception:
No matter the role, everyone is a key player, and everyone contributes in value creation.
Work for Simplex
Always keep in mind what each of us can do to bring Simplex’s best value to clients.
Always look at the big picture goal, not just one’s own goal as an individual.
Mutual Respect
As we work to solve clients’ complex problems, and to bring the best solutions, we will gather a large group of talent from many different fields.
For that reason, it is crucial that we have mutual respect for one another, and maintain a humble attitude of recognizing and learning from each other’s’ talents.
God is in the Details
We are careful and thorough, all the way down to the last line of source code.
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