Message from the CEO

Simplex Holdings, Inc.

Hideki Kaneko

We add value. We inspire innovation.
We are the best technology partner to lead our clients to success.

The corporate philosophy of the Simplex Group is to bring innovations from Japan to the world. We have been producing innovative propositions and solutions for our clients in their various business domains. Because our work involves many areas of expertise both in business and technology, we named the full range of our services “Cross Frontier Domains”, where technology plays a vital role in pushing our clients’ business forward to success.

Unlike typical system development vendors, Simplex Inc., our group’s main and wholly owned subsidiary, has been the leading technology partner for our clients. To make our position and the excellent quality of our solutions sustainable for all our clients, we have designed our unique business model which we call “The Simplex Way”.

The basic concept of The Simplex Way is: 1. We always commit to our clients as the “Prime Vendor”. This allows us to access various corporate levels of our clients and users. We never outsource the development and test cycles to outside vendors with low production quality; 2. Our professionals are directly engaged in and work firsthand on every phase of business cycle in our clients’ business, from strategic consulting, development, operation and maintenance to enhancement proposals; 3. We hire individuals with high potential, and train them to become superb business persons. We call our people “Hybrid Professionals”, as they are experts in both business and technology. We provide our clients the services of a team of Hybrid Professionals.

As a result of our continued efforts to provide high value-added services using The Simplex Way, we have been recognized by our clients across various industries such as banking, full-fledged & online brokerage firms, FX brokers, life & non-life Insurance and crypto asset exchanges, as a business astute technology partner.

Moreover, in recent years, Digital Transformation (DX), which fully utilizes state of the art technology to reform business models themselves, is a top priority in every industry. At Simplex Group we recognized this early on and are now quickly expanding to deliver DX services to our clients.

In this fast growing and changing business environment, we are actively expanding to provide strategic/DX consulting services from clients’ business perspectives and entering into whole new business domains. We assist C-suites and business planning division managers with advice and proposals in areas such as corporate/management strategies, organizational reforms, and business process enhancements.

We positioned our new wholly owned entity, Xspear Consulting, Inc. (read as Crosspear Consulting), recently started operation in April 2021, to play a central role in our strategic and DX consulting services. We are proactively expanding the unit, and highly skilled professionals with excellent track records at top-tier consulting firms are joining us.

It is exciting to see the synergy between our group firms work altogether. Simplex Inc. provides expertise and solutions in mission-critical financial systems, and in cutting edge user experience. Xspear Consulting, Inc. assists with comprehensive strategic consulting services. Deep Percept Inc., yet another of our group firms, focuses on AI solutions. With the synergy of all these talents under the Simplex brand, we are able to accelerate assistance to our clients in much wider and deeper business domains.

The Simplex Group is fully committed to helping our clients succeed by bringing value creation and innovation, as their best technology partner.

Hideki Kaneko, CEO
Simplex Holdings, Inc.

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