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About Simplex

Innovation from Japan to the World

We are professionals proficient in both business and technology. Since our inception in 1997, we have been helping lead our clients’ business to success as their best technology partner. All along, our consistent aim has been to bring technology and business innovations from Japan to the world.


Our Efforts to Realize a More Sustainable Society

We believe it is our responsibility to think ahead to the future of global environment which lays the foundation for sustainable and continued growth. In order to maintain our status as a group of sustainable professionals with extensive expertise both in business and technology, we place the utmost importance on our human resources.


We improve sustainable enhancement of the corporate value

Our management policy is to promote worthwhile innovation through our business activities, and maximize out corporate value. We aim to provide IR that meets the needs of our shareholders and investors through prompt information disclosure based on transparency, fairness, and continuity under the leadership of management.


Deep dive in innovation with multi-talented professionals

Please join us and work with our multi-talented professionals. Together as one unified team we engage in all aspects of the business cycle from strategic consulting, design, and development to operation and maintenance. Each member takes initiatives and is responsible for key roles that lead our clients to success. At Simplex Group, we have the work ethic, environment, and growth opportunities to bring out the best in individual performances and to enhance the team by synthesizing everyone's talents.

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