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Simplex Holdings Recognized as a Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization 2023 (Large Enterprise Category)

Simplex Holdings, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Hideki Kaneko) hereby announces that it has been recognized as a Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization 2023 (large enterprise category) under the recognition program, jointly selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Outline of the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program※1

Under the recognition program, the Nippon Kenko Kaigi examines large enterprises, SMEs and other organizations engaging in initiatives for overcoming health-related challenges in communities or for promoting health-conscious activities led by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, and recognizes outstanding enterprises engaging in efforts for health and productivity management.

This program endeavors to highlight outstanding enterprises engaging in efforts to advance health and productivity management and thereby aims to develop an environment in which such enterprises are able to gain enhanced social recognition, e.g., from employees, employment seekers, related enterprises and financial institutions, as organizations engaging in strategic health and productivity management program efforts for maintaining their employees’ and other workers’ health from a management perspective.

Promotion of Health and Productivity Management by the Simplex Group※2

Under the “Health and Productivity Management Declaration” issued by the President and CEO, Simplex Group implements a variety of initiatives built on the premise of health and productivity management.

Health and Productivity Management Declaration

The Simplex Group places the utmost value on employee health and also considers health and productivity management to be an important operational matter. Our Health and Productivity Management Declaration aims to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of our employees and their families, while also maintaining the company’s productivity, by putting its principles into practice.


  1. Health and Safety

    We believe that supporting employees’ optimal mental and physical health is a foundation that allows them to demonstrate their full potential at all times. We actively work to provide an environment where employees can work with peace of mind by providing not only social insurance but also income protection insurance, life insurance, and other safety nets to protect them against unexpected events.

  2. Childcare and Nursing Care

    We have implemented a number of programs and systems to allow employees to continue working productively during life events such as childbirth, childcare, and nursing care. Our programs are extensive and go beyond legislated obligations with an extended age range for covering child nursing care leave and shortened work hours for childcare.

  3. Creating a Fulfilling Environment Where Employees Can Feel Job Satisfaction

    We believe that valuing fulfilling work and a stable life is a responsibility that companies have to their employees. As a company that supports self-actualization, we continuously work to realize a work environment in which individuals can challenge their goals with as much flexibility as possible under existing laws and regulations.

  4. Establishment of a General Counseling Service

    An independent General Counseling Service has been established under the chairperson of the Health and Productivity Management Committee. Its aim is to ensure effective counseling for those requiring it while gathering the opinions of employees. (in Japanese)

Outline of Simplex Holdings, Inc.

Simplex Holdings, Inc. is a holding company engaged in business management of Simplex Inc. and other subsidiaries. Simplex Holdings became listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on September 22, 2021 and transitioned to the Prime Market on April 4, 2022. Since its foundation in 1997, Simplex Inc., which is the Group’s core business, has been engaged in business as a technology partner for Japan’s leading financial institutions. Currently, the company also offers its solutions to non-financial industries by drawing on its wealth of expertise cultivated in the financial field. We established an AI technology firm Deep Percept Inc. in March 2019 and started a comprehensive consulting firm Xspear Consulting, Inc. in April 2021. Working together as one team with these new group firms as well as Simplex Inc., which has worked to create added value since its foundation, we have been assisting our customers in the financial industry, and more recently in the public sector and other industry-leading firms with their Digital Transformation.

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