Shareholder Returns

Dividend policy

Simplex Holdings’ (hereafter referred to as the Company) base policy on paying dividends from surplus is to continuously pay steady dividends while retaining internal reserves necessary for future business development and for strengthening our financial and business position.

For dividends for the period ending March 2022, our policy is to pay dividends once per year at the end of the fiscal year, aiming at a payout ratio of 30% of profit attributable to the owner of the parent for the period.

Together with improving the figure for the dividend, the Company plan to investigate flexible share buy-backs, and endeavor to enrich shareholder returns.

Note that our articles of incorporation set forth that the Company can carry out an interim dividend.

Under the provisions of Article 459(1) of the Companies Act, unless specific rules are set out in laws and regulations, the Company has set forth in the articles of incorporation that the board of directors is the decision-making body for payout of dividends from surplus.

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